Manage all aspects of supplier / customer and trade contracts with AgCRM

All your agricultural operations in the one place

AgCRM’s Integrated Commodity Trading Platform

AgCRM links Supplier and Customer interactions with Contracts, Orders, Tickets and Settlements. Enter Market prices, Derivative trades in ONE system. Manage all your commodity trading needs via straight through processing in an integrated web-based trade platform with exports to accounting software. Real time Dashboards and reporting features ensure clear visibility of Risk Management positions.

Trade Contracts

Full management of trade contracts within AgCRM allows effective management of risk positions and in real time allowing clarity of commodity trading strategy.

Create, send and manage all aspects of trade contracts in the one platform from multiple devices. Record flat price and unpriced contracts, mark to market (M2M) costs, price fixing, amendments and Contract washes. Create time-based delivery schedules and report on open position by season, market zone, location, month and product for M2M valuation and cashflow reporting.

Trade Execution

Full visibility of what your commodity is, where it is and where it is going to ensure your grain trading strategy can be effectively managed. Link all your Account activity, current and historical Contract trades and open/closed trades.

Features such as contract schedules, orders, vendor declarations, business to business linking, regrades, swaps and transfers. Create orders from inventory and purchase contracts as well as export to third party billing and payment platforms.

Derivative Trade Features

Utilise dashboards and graphing to allow commodity trading risk management. Value derivative trades, import market prices and M2M open positions. Report closed trades via the reporting engine and see full audit history of trade validations / amendments and lifecycle. Create your own workflows to manage execution scenarios and strategies creating a fully integrated risk management system.


Dashboards & Reporting

Fully Customisable Dashboards and Reports allow you to see the information you want to see to trade effectively. AgCRM uses the power of Salesforce cloud eco-system to provide a scaleable, secure and easy to use trading and risk management solution.


Can I manage all my contracts on AgCRM?

Yes, you can create contracts for customers, suppliers, trade counter-parties and commodity trading brokers via AgCRM’s contracting suite. Dashboards and customisable reports allow clear and real-time financial risk management.

Can I get contracts signed digitally?

Contracts are pivotal when trading grain and commodities. Within AgCRM contracts can be sent to any counter-party with request for signature which will capture signature, IP Address and Date. Full printed contracts are then sent to all parties via email or SMS link.

How do you handle Vendor Declarations?

Vendor Declarations can be sent digitally with contracts or at time of Delivery Call. Vendors can digitally sign vendor Decs which are then stored against the contract and can be viewed/sent to the receiving location.

I need to record my acquisition and supply plan within the system?

AgCRM has Intention capability which enables recording and reporting of important information about suppliers, by location, commodity/grade & time. Dashboards and customisable reports allow visibility of supply planning. When a contract is written, a simple and easy copy function then converts an Intention into a Contract.

How does a CRM system help me trade effectively?

Supplier management is a key part of the AgCRM system and our CRM options can be combined with popular marketing campaign tools like SMS, Whats App(r), MailChimp or Active Campaign. You can record conversations, sync emails, set tasks and report on the plan details versus the actual performance of the supplier as well as the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Can AgCRM link to an existing ERP or CTRM system such as Openlink, Eka or SAP?

AgCRM offers deep API integrations with third party systems via secure tokens. Integrations include orders, contracts, tickets, settlements and invoices. We have existing integrations with Grainsoft, SAP B1, Eka and also client websites.