All your agricultural operations in the one place

All your agricultural operations in the one place

Manage your storage and warehouse assets effectively with AgCRM

Complete end to end handling to ensure supply chain management. From planning, procurement, receival, inventory management and storage, to quality, outturn, movements and shipment, AgCRM has a full supply chain integration platform to support Operations.

Features include the ability to generate SMS** confirmation for receipt of deliveries to growers, create email of weighbridge tickets & Warehouse management via online Portals for effective management of Grower Title transfers.

Combined with our Supply Chain logistics functionality which features full scheduling and booking of trucks, AgCRM provides a cloud based integrated supply chain management allowing full visibility across all devices.

Weighbridge, Inventory Management & Ticketing

Complete end to end Inventory management within the supply chain. Create Online Portals and generate real time SMS** for suppliers.

  • Links to National Grower Register (NGR)
  • Create Tickets for Cash, Pool, Sustainable Cash (ISCC) Contract and Order
  • IN/OUT/MOVE Tickets for road/rail/container operations
  • Report Load Quality Tests and Sampling Averages
  • Manage Load Efficiency for Time
  • Manage Grower Warehouse / Client Storage
  • Manage Shrinkage Calculations and Pre/Post Shrink Inventories
  • Create Grower Warehouse Transfers and transfer on line via Portal or internal systems

Quality Management

Ability to manage quality attributes of commodities received into inventory at sites. Perform Runner Quality sampling tests and record updates of quality data based on periodic samping.

  • Quality Testing at receival and out-turn
  • Periodic Quality Sampling
  • Bin Reporting & Analysis
  • Reporting by Season, Product & Bin

Warehouse Billing

Complete warehouse and storage functionality for site operations.

  • Record Client Agreements
  • Elevation / Title Transfer Billing
  • Storage Billing By storage type and commodity
  • Trigger Freight Billing
  • Container Loading & Reporting
  • Consolidated Reporting for all Locations

** Note: SMS Carriage services extra Cost and dependent on third party providers

Dashboards & Reporting

Fully Customisable Dashboards and Reports allow you to manage your storage and handling assets effectively. Users can create Reports and Alerts to monitor data such as receivals, outturns, turn around times and quality results in real time. Secure Online portals allow clear visibility of information.


What is the advantage of a Cloud Based CRM platform?

A cloud based CRM system can be accessed from all devices allowing a fully integrated system, which creates a full company view & in real time. This will allow effective commodity procurement, trading and risk management for your agribusiness.

Why is customer relationship management built within Salesforce an advantage?

Salesforce is the worlds #1 CRM software. AgCRM has been developed by the commodity and agriculture industry meaning that is fit for purpose. All segments of agribusiness such as commodity traders, brokers, storage & site operation and logistics have contributed to its development. Using the crm software Salesforce has enabled commodity business to elevate their customer relationship management and enhance communication and marketing campaigns and have 360 view of all activities within their business via Dashboards and customizable reports and Online Portals.

Is my database and data secure?

Data integrity and security is important. Security features include Multi-Factor Authentication of Users, User Access, Profile Access, Roles Access, Managed user passwords.

What is a Secure Online Portal and how can I use them with my business?

Secure Online Portals are a window into your AgCRM. Using permissions and state of the art security- Online portals can be created to allow people to view or enter information directly into AgCRM.

Use cases include – Contract information, Grower Receival Ticket information, Inventory balances at site, Transferring Grain, Carrier Load Schedules,

Can I send SMS to my Contacts within the system?

In todays business world, SMS’s are quick and easy to relay information. Currently SMS’s are used by AgCRM to confirm delivery to site, send load information to carriers and sub-contractors, confirmation of contracts, cash pricing.